ASICS Women's Gel 170TR Leather Cross Training Shoe Review

In the ASICS Women’s Gel 170TR Leather Cross-Training Shoe you get a sturdy tough all-round cross-training shoe that can be used for a number of indoor sporting activities. This shoe is all about indoor sporting activities as it features a non-marking outsole, a gel cushion and a trusstic system. Learn more about this shoe by reading this review.

ASICS Women's GEL-170 TR Leather Training Shoe

ASICS Women’s Gel 170TR Our Review:


  • DuoMax® Support System

The shoe features a dual density midsole system which is aimed at providing support and stability. The dual support system is perfectly suited for individuals known to be over-pronator and often need support shoes to give them more natural running gait. Support and stability are critical when it comes to cross-training shoes. Without the same one would not be comfortable with the training shoes meaning that the chances of successfully completing a training session are minimized. The DuoMax® Support System is ideal for positioned sports.

  • California Slip Lasting

The Gel 170TR Leather cross-training shoes are designed to give your feet all the support they might need to get you back in the game. The California Slip Lasting guarantees stability and comfort which is very important when training. The upper is stitched around a canvas or EVA board which is then directly attached to the midsole to ensure that the shoe is durable and comfortable. Training shoes have a tendency of wearing out faster than ordinary shoes due to the intensity of the exercises. The California Slip Lasting gives the ASICS Women’s Gel 170TR Leather Cross-Training Shoe that extra edge to go an extra mile.

  • Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System

Any training shoe requires ample cushioning due to the rigorous activities involved. This can explain why most people go for shoes with enough cushioning to protect their feet from shock on impact. The Gel 170TR Leather cross-training shoe is equipped with the Rearfoot GEL® Cushioning System which attenuates shock during the impact phase and provides for a smooth transition to the midsole. It makes training enjoyable as one is able to remain comfortable throughout the training session.

  • ASICS® High Abrasion Rubber

The AHAR® is strategically placed in critical areas of the outsole to enhance traction and for exceptional durability. Traction is a prerequisite in training shoes as it gives you stability and prevents awkward cases of slipping. Since rubber is known to last longer than plastic, the rubber outsole in the ASICS Women’s Gel 170TR Leather Cross-Training Shoe enhances durability.


  • A little snug

In as much as the shoes remain as one of the most comfortable cross-training shoes available, they do not have a wide width. Even the widest size is still a little snug. This can be challenging to women who are known to have considerably wide feet.

Customer’s reviews

In terms of comfort, customers gave the ASICS Women’s Gel 170TR Leather Cross-Training Shoe a 5 star as they all had a good experience with the shoe on that front. The shoe has good cushioning, provides ample ankle support, and the rubber outsole gives the shoe enough traction to workout on slippery hardwood floors. They fit perfect and can be used for zumba classes because they have fantastic arch and heel support. By purchasing this shoe you get great value for your money as the pricing is considerate. You may like Best Cross Training Shoes For Women With High Arches.

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Are you looking to have a great experience during training? If so, the ASICS Women’s Gel 170TR Leather Cross-Training Shoe is a perfect match for you. The shoe is designed for indoor sporting activities and running. They are super lightweight, true to their size, arch support, side to side support and have enough cushion for high-impact activities. And with the price they come in, they are a must have!