ASICS Women's GEL-Blur33 TR Cross Training Shoe Review

Do you hate sticking to one particular physical activity alone? Are you not interested in specializing in one sport alone? If so, you should buy the best cross-training shoe. A good cross-training shoe is a combination of the features of a running shoe, a tennis shoe, a volleyball shoe and a basketball sneaker. It is an all-in-one solution to your needs. Are you looking for the best? You can consider ASICS Women’s GEL-BLUR33 TR Cross-Training Shoe.

ASICS Women's GEL-Blur33 TR Cross-Training ShoeCTA-button2ASICS Women’s GEL-Blur33 TR Our review


  • Enjoy the benefits of Solyte midsole material

The midsole of this shoe are made with Solyte material. What is Solyte? It is a proprietary cushioning material. What is special about this material? It is light in weight. It is durable. It has very good bounce back quality. It provides comfortable platform for running and walking. When not in use the material decompresses and bounces back when in use. Its shock absorbent feature reduces the impact of shock to your feet. This reduces the risk of injury. Your feet will not feel fatigue for a longer period of time.

  • The upper design of the shoe

The upper part has an open mesh design. This ensures breathability. The supportive underlays beneath the mesh add to the comfort. The heel collar of the shoe uses memory foam to fit the shape of your feet. The upper part is made from synthetic leather for stability and durability.

  • Outsole

The flex groves in the outsole are deep. A guidance line extends from the heel to the toe. This helps in the alignment of the foot to your gait. This reduces the risk of injuries when you make mistakes during workouts. The High Abrasion Rubber is a patented feature of ASICS. This ensures excellent grip.

  • Great looks

It is available in beautiful color combinations. Like all other ASICS shoes, this too does not deceive you in its looks.


  1. It is the best option for low impact activities but not the right choice for high impact activities.
  2. The laces are too short.

Customers’ reviews

One of the customers says that she does a lot of boot camp programs which involve a lot of jumping and lateral moves etc. She says that previously she used to feel that she was carrying bricks in her legs. Once she started to train with ASICS Women’s GEL-BLUR33 TR Cross-Training Shoe her feet feels cool and she does not feel the weight of the shoes even when she jumps. Review top 5 Asics Cross Trainers for Women.

Another customer feels that this is the best option for women who love the new barefoot trend. She loves the feel of having better ground contact and the soft cushioning feel while leaping around. She is pleased that her side to side movements are better.

Another customer says that she already has two pairs and she is planning to buy a third pair because this is perfect for mountain climbing, sprinting and squatting.

The common complaint made by most of the users is about the short length of the lace. One of the customers says that her feet very hot.

Our Rating:{rating}

The customers seem to love the unique features of the shoe. The color and the design are awesome. It seems to be loved by customers who go for low impact exercises. This sounds promising. Above all, this shoe has earned the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The fact that it is endorsed by the Podiatrists is a big plus. This product can easily be rated with a rating of 5 for the endorsement made by Podiatrists. You have to deduct 0.5 for the short lace. The overall rating given by us is 4.5 and the final verdict is – It is worth buying.