AVIA Men's Avi-Phase Cross Training Shoe Review

Are you looking for an everyday trainer that will help you with stability while being comfortable, then the AVIA Men’s Avi-Phase Cross-Training shoe is a must have and has been made for you!  Providing you with just what you need in all your cross-fit training needs. AVIA has been providing athletes with the outmost technology in the sports shoe wear since 1979 with innovative shoe design while providing you with good quality for all your training needs. This everyday trainer will provide you with the durability needed for long lasting everyday training to help you achieve your goals while in training.Avia Men Avi-Phase Cross-Training

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  • Trendy

The AVIA shoe comes fully loaded! Made with mesh and upper, synthetic leather combined for a close, lightweight fit that will keep you going and not slow you down! Brilliantly crafted with a raised mid-foot section, providing your arches with the comfort needed for training! The padded collar and tongue keeps each step you make well cushioned. The cross-trainer is available in White/Navy/Gray combination and fits all expected sizes and the design is very trendy.

  • Comfortable and Durable

AVIA has made this sneaker with solid rubber in the outsoles with forefoot flex grooves to provide you with the grip needed while doing strenuous exercises. The Cantilever heel helps to maximize the impact your feet take and creates a rebound for lift off. The removable EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) molded textile lining, sock helps to keep your feet cool and dry, making this a great feature in preventing your feet from any bad ordure that may occur while exercising. The flexible rubber sole helps with great movement.


  • Poor Quality

AVIA has made quality shoes for many years, but there has been quite a few notes made that the quality of the upper material is not as it used to be in the past for consumers who have used this shoe for years now and advise that they do not last very long when in use every day.

What do customers think about this cross- training shoe?

In all, customers are happy with the sole design of the shoe providing them with the comfort of wearing as a casual shoe, but they are very unhappy with the quality of the sneaker these days as they feel that the workmanship in the shoe is poor. There are other customers that have not experienced this with the cross-training shoes they have bought and have been using the shoe for all their workouts and only fits tight in the beginning and loosens up the more you wear it. Many customers are very happy with a comfortable feel, it provides them and great support while exercising, providing their feet with shock resistance on the heels.

Our Rating:{rating}

The AVIA Men’s Avi-Phase Cross-Training shoe has received some positive feedback regarding everyday use of the shoe, while there are others who are happy with using the shoe as a casual all day wear shoe.In all, the positive feedback is more than the negative making this shoe very versatile for most sports providing athletes with the comfort and flexibility needed while in training. The cross-trainer is great for athletes who have orthotic problems regarding their feet. This shoe comes at a very affordable price and recommended by quite a few customers.