Best Lightweight Cross Training Shoes for Women

One of the most important features for working out gear lies in it being lightweight. This ensures that the training will be as natural as possible, as you will not be forced to carry unneeded weight around. For this reason, more and more training shoes companies are coming out with lightweight models, trying to satisfy the desire for pragmatic equipment. However, there are other features that are extremely important in a good training shoe, which should ensure increased protection from the different types of injuries.RYKA Women's Enhance 2 Cross-Training Shoe

To this end, cross training shoes should be created with outsoles that offer a good grip, in order to avoid falling down on slippery surfaces. The midsoles and inside cushioning should also provide stability and support, because otherwise the foot might move inside the shoe, resulting in sprains or simply in an uncomfortable experience. Another factor to keep in mind is that inside cushioning is also crucial to avoid strong impacts on your feet.

Top 6 Lightweight Crossing Training Shoes

Check out the following top 6 lightweight crossing training shoes for women:

Cross Training Shoes

#1. Reebok Women's Realflex Fusion Training Shoe

These shoes strive to provide increased flexibility and comfort for those wearing them, in order to help their owners achieve their fitness goals as easily as possible. The feet tend to create motions that resemble rolling, and these Realflex shoes strive to encourage it as much as possible. They achieve this by providing a flexible base and support in the sides of each shoe. Moreover, the notes at the bottom are created in order to promote various directions of movement and ensure that the feet are solidly anchored into their position. Add to this their lightweight, and you are left with wonderful gear for your training.

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#2. New Balance Women's WX797v2 Cross-Training Shoe

These New Balance shoes are created with the main goal of giving those who exercise the best experience while training. Their midsoles, created to add comfort and stability, contribute to the lightweight aspect of them by having a mass reduced by 30%. Nevertheless, this lighter weight does not result in downfalls, as its durability remains exceptional, just as their responsiveness. These shoes can be worn in any condition, as the rubber outsole is designed to give a strong grip. In addition, it is also non-marking, which means it can be used in the gym, because it will not leave ugly black marks behind.

Cross Training Shoes

#3. ASICS Women's GEL-Blur33 TR Cross-Training Shoe

The technology behind these ASICS shoes supports the movements of your feet, which means that they’re comfortable and give you the flexibility you need when working out. They are created from lightweight materials, in order to ass to the overall comfort. The cushioning at the heel of the foot is made from a gel-like substance, which is employed to take away from the severity of the impact. The section corresponding to the heel is also made with a variety of densities, which are designed to offer increased comfort. Additionally, the mesh material used at the upper section of the shoe ensures that your feet will be able to breathe during your training.

Cross Training Shoes

#4. Nike Women's Flex Trainer 3

These Flex Trainer shoes were designed with a lightweight composition in mind, from their smallest components to their largest. The upper part is created using a combination of mesh and foam in order to establish the perfect comfort and protection. The mesh material ensures breathability, while the foam protects the feet from injuries. The bottom section is made out of lightweight cushion, while the wrapped midsoles add stability. Lastly, the outsoles were created to offer increased flexibility, thus supporting a variety of movements. They are also made out of rubber, resulting in increased grip, which is useful in wet weather or in slippery floors.

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#5. ECCO Women's XT 1010 Cross Trainer

These XT1010 shoes are made to be comfortable, but also offer increased protection from possible injuries while training. The synthetic upper section offers increased comfort by allowing the feet to remain cool while working out. The midsoles offer stability, while the removable cushioning gives protection from powerful impacts. Nevertheless, the fact that the cushioning is removable means that it can be taken away for those who prefer to be without it. These ECCO shoes also come with a double layered protection for the toes, resulting in increased safety against injuries. Lastly, the outsole provides traction in unfavorable conditions.

Cross Training Shoes

#6. RYKA Women's Exertion Shoe

The RYKA Exertion shoes created by Ryka are made to perfectly fit women’s feet. To achieve this, they were made to be smaller in the heel section, and larger in the section belonging to the forefoot. Because of the way these shoes are designed, they guarantee to offer amazing comfort that is hard to find elsewhere. The upper part of the shoe is made out of mesh, which ensures that your feet will remain dry despite long periods of exercise. The midsoles are sculpted so as to ensure protection from harsh impacts, while the overall lightweight of the shoes will make you feel like you are not wearing anything at all. Additionally, these Ryka shoes come with a strong outsole that will stop you from falling down in slippery conditions.