How to Compare Cross Trainers, Running Shoes & Walking Shoes

The athletic shoe market is chocked full with numerous types of shoes and styles that can really confuse you if you are shopping for shoes. Depending on your exercise routine, one shoe style may be the better choice for you versus another. The perfect athletic shoes will protect your feet, support them, be breathable and be flexible. To provide the perfect shoes for everyone, shoe companies have created styles for all sorts of activities such as walking, running and cross training. To figure out which shoe is perfect for you, its necessary to do some research first.

Cross Trainers vs Running Shoes vs Walking Shoes

1. Match your shoes with your activities.

Running shoes are built completely differently from walking shoes and cross trainers, so when decided on a shoe, it is important to be specific in your choice. Choose a shoe based on what activity you like to do the best. According to Christina Frank of WebMD, “Walking shoes are stiffer; running shoes are more flexible, with extra cushioning to handle greater impact. If you do both activities, get a pair for each one.”

2. Don’t worry about vanity.

Purchasing a shoe because of how it looks is the easiest way to get injured. The best shoe for your foot may not be very attractive, but the shoe’s appearance shouldn’t be your first priority. Compare shoes on how they are constructed and fit on your feet, not on how they look.

3. Look at the sole and the toe of the shoe

If the shoe box doesn’t specify the type of shoe, then look at the sole and the toe of the shoe.Running shoes have toes that curl upward and a thinning sole. Cross trainers will also have thick soles, and walking shoes have thinner soles.

4. Move around with the shoes on.

Whenever trying on a new pair of shoes, walk around the store for awhile to determine how they feel on your feet. Walking shoes should feel firm, while running shoes should feel a bit more flexible and fluid. A cross trainer should be flexible and padded in the middle of the shoe.

5. Purchase cross trainers for both sports activities and general fitness.

Cross training shoes were created for athletes who love to participate in numerous activities. These shoes give you more lateral and forward movement, and provide overall protection during multiple activities. Cross trainers are perfect for running as well, because their extra padding will help runners stay injury free during their exercise routine.

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