New Balance Men's MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe Review

Cross training is a kind of exercise that normally involves the use of a number of training to develop a certain component of fitness. Cross-training goes hand in hand with good shoes. Great cross-trainers can allow you to effectively cross-train with much ease. The New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe is the game when it comes to cross-training. Regardless of whether it is studio classes, cardio machine, workouts or weightlifting, these shoes hold the key for you. They are versatile, lightweight and have enough cushioning. Here is a review of the same.


New Balance Men's MX1012


New Balance Men’s MX1012 Review:


  • Synthetic and mesh upper

Comfort is vital when cross-training or doing any other exercises for that matter. The footwear you wear when you go out training can determine the success of your training session. If you wear comfortable training shoe, chances are that you are likely to succeed and vice versa. Both the synthetic overlays and the mesh upper are aimed at equipping the New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe with the much desired comfort. The mesh upper allows for breathability which is critical in ensuring that your feet remain cool and dry at all times. A lot of sweat on your feet can be a great hindrance to your training session as it about the feeling of being uncomfortable. The synthetic lining in the shoe helps it to wick away moisture in order to enhance breathable comfort.

  • N-ERGY® cushioningsystem

The New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe comes with a premium cushioning technology dubbed as the N-ERGY system. The technology is designed to keep your feet feeling comfortable by delivering a smooth ride while at the same time controlling severe pronation.  With these shoes, you enjoy a thorough workout session without hurting your feet.

  • Blown rubber forefoot

Have you ever tried to workout in shoes that do not have traction? You wouldn’t like the experience. Regardless of which surface you are training on, you need traction for stability purposes. The blown rubber forefoot provides the New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe with the need traction to carry you through the exercises. It is also known to enhance flexibility which is also vital when it comes to training.

  • ENCAP® midsole and ACTEVA® midsole foam

The ENCAP® midsole provide the shoe with the necessary support that is required when doing intensive exercises. On the other hand the ACTEVA® midsole foam is specifically designed to enhance the shoe’s durability. Training shoes need to be strong and durable considering the kinds of activities the shoes are normally expected to endure.


  • The shoe’s toebox runs small

We identified that the toebox for this shoe runs small when compared to the MX1011. In that connection, we highly recommend that when ordering for this shoe; try to order half a size larger than your normal size.

New Balance Men’s MX1012 Customers’ review

Customers agreed on the fact that the New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe provide a perfect combination of stability, cushioning, control and are durable. The shoes are designed to give you confidence with every step you make. The fact that the shoes are lightweight fit, equipped with premium cushioning and have mesh ventilation makes them one of the best cross-trainers in the industry. The shoes are super comfortable and will make you to want even take a walk in them.

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Fitness routines demand for great athletic shoes that are versatile enough. The New Balance Men’s MX1012 Cross-Training Shoe is perfect for weight training, cardio machines, workouts and for studio classes. They adopt a new technology known as N-ERGY® cushioning which helps to keep your feet steady and comfortable.