New Balance Men's MX20 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe Review

Athletes have a tendency of complementing their running with a bit of complementary training such as cross fit, bicycling, weightlifting, swimming among others. Minimalist training shoes can be used for such activities. The only downfall is that most of these minimalist running shoes lack lateral movement but not cross-trainers. The New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe is perfectly built on a minimalist platform with versatility in mind. Here is a review of these awesome cross-trainers.

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New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Review:


  • Synthetic/mesh upper

Training shoes need to be lightweight in order to be effective. They need to be light on your feet to prevent one from suffering from tired legs. This ensures that one completes their training sessions successfully. The synthetic material ensures that the New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe is lightweight, comfortable and provided the much needed support during training. The shoe weighs just about 188 grams. For men’s training shoes, breathability is paramount. The mesh upper is perfectly designed to ensure that your feet are properly aerated to keep them cool and dry throughout the training session.

  • Designed to get rid of heel strike

Poorly designed shoes have the ability of triggering people to develop the heel strike practice. However, with these cross-trainers, there is something different. They were designed to allow the users to eliminate heel strikes. They do this by tweaking the heel to toe drop. Ideally, shoe manufacturing companies tend to design shoes with 8-12mm of heel to toe drop. It has been identified as the basic standard. Even so, the basic standard may not be ideal for those people who wish to correct their running gait. This could explain why the New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe opted to include a 4mm heel to toe drop to enhance proper walking and running gait.

  • Antimicrobial properties

Hygiene is super essential for any shoe manufacturing company. The matter cannot be overemphasized with the training shoes. Cross-training shoes are exposed to a lot of sweat due to the nature of their use. To enhance hygiene in the MX20 design, the shoes are normally subjected to antimicrobial treatment. The fact that the shoes are also designed with a breathable mesh upper and take up a lightweight design helps the shoe to manage odour.

  • Vibram outsole

Training shoes need to have outstanding traction or grip. The grip helps the user to make sudden and random turns while training without injuring themselves. The vibram outsole has enough traction to make the shoe ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.


  • Slightly wider around the toe area 

This is especially a concern for the men who are known to have relatively smaller feet. There is too much room around up front such that your toes will keep on moving and curling whenever you go out for a run.

New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Customers take 

Customers supported the fact that the shoe provide support, comfort and are durable to guarantee value for money. The 4mm heel drop puts you in a neutral position which is needed when doing your cross-training exercises. They give outstanding lateral support for doing footwork and are perfect when it comes to holding your feet. The shoes are great to look at as they have been perfectly designed and they seem to fit fairly true to size.

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It is not always easy to find great cross-training shoes. People try several options but still fail to find one that meets their needs. If you are one of those individual who has not been fruitful at finding good cross-trainers, then you might want to try the New Balance Men’s MX20 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe. These versatile cross-training shoes have everything you can ask for; they are great for both indoor and outdoor training. They are lightweight, comfortable, offer enough support, and durable.