New Balance Men's MX409V3 Casual Comfort Cross-Training Shoe

Do you like variety in life? Do you hate repetition? Do you have fun when you do different activities daily? If so, I am sure you would have chosen cross training for your exercise regimen. Are you particular about attaining your goals in your life? If you want to attain your fitness goals you should buy the right footwear for your cross training exercises. One of the options to be considered is New Balance Men’s MX1157 Casual Comfort Cross-Training Shoe.

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New Balance Men’s MX1157 Casual Comfort review


  • Enjoy the benefits of open cell foam

Do you know that there are three types of foams used in shoes? The three types of foams are open cell foam, semi-open cell foam and closed cell foam. Open cell foams are softer and lighter in weight when compared to open cell foam. It is breathable and is washable. It has all the properties that you look for in shoe foam. New Balance Men’s MX1157 Casual Comfort Cross-Training Shoe with open cell foam is sure to conform to the foot.

  • Enjoy the benefits of full EVA Strobel board

What are the benefits using a Strobel insole board? It is durable. It keeps in shape. It improves your health because it improves the blood circulation in your foot. It is well ventilated. It is environment friendly. It is hygienic and has good breaking resistance. This board makes each and every step you take more supportive and smooth. You can stay on your feet for a long time.

  • Good cushion and arch

The cushioning is so good that your heels will feel soft and comfortable. The EVA midsole cushioning offers the best cushioning effect and arch. The pressure is evenly distributed throughout the feet. This property is very important for comfort and support. The padded tongue and collar provide extra comfort.

  • Outsole features and benefits

The sole is made from rubber. The no-marking outsole is a big advantage. Shoes that leave marks are not allowed in some gyms.


The main disadvantage of this product is that it is narrow in the arch. There is not enough room in the toe area for wide and large-footed men.

New Balance Men’s MX1157 Casual Comfort Customer reviews

Most of the guys who bought these shoes are happy with the purchase. One of them says that he was looking for a shoe to keep him comfortable on the elliptical. He says that he tried several shoes and none of them satisfied his feet. He will feel soreness in his feet in just 20 minutes. He says that this shoe is flexible and cushioned and keeps his feet comfortable and pain-free on the elliptical.

Another customer says the shoes fit him well. He has received many compliments and he will surely order them again. Yet another says that you can order them online without worrying about trying because the fit and feel are great. He says it is a great product for great price.

Some of the wide-footed guys say that they were disappointed with this product from New Balance shoes because it was narrow at the front and it did not fit them well.

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New Balance makes its products in USA with quality materials. It can be used for walking, for cardio, for playing volleyball and for any activity you love to do in your gym. If you are not a very wide-footed person you will not regret your decision. It is durable and affordable. The customers have rated with 4.5 stars. Out of 272 customers only 6 customers have rated the product with 3 stars or below. This is really great. It is recommended.