New Balance Men's MX626 Slip Resistant

Do you like to keep your whole body fit? If so, you should opt for cross training exercises. It is the cross training exercises that focuses on all parts of your body rather than single part. It prevents monotony entering into your exercise regimen. To make sure you attain your fitness goals you should buy the right foot gear. New Balance has developed several models specially meant for cross training. One of them is New Balance Men’s MX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training Shoe.


New Balance Men’s MX626 Slip Resistant review


  • EVA or Ethyl Vinyl Acetate foam

This product is made using EVA foam which made from Ethyl vinyl acetate and blended copolymers. What is it and what are its benefits? It is closed foam with high level of chemical linking. It has a fine and uniform cell structure. There are thousands of cells in it and they contain air. When you move, you apply pressure to the air. The air gets pushed out and then it gets sucked back again. This is called the property of impact and vibration absorption. It is light in weight. It is flexible and durable.

  • Oil resistant and slip resistant

New Balance Men’s MX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training Shoe has oil resistant and slip resistant outsole. This is beneficial not only for people doing cross training exercises but also for people who work in slippery surfaces. Workers in a workshop or cooks or bartenders have to work in slippery and oily floors. This product keeps them safe by minimizing the risks of falls.

  • Easy ‘on’ in a fraction of a second

Your cross training shoes should fit your feet perfectly. If not, you may not feel comfortable. Right fitting shoes may take some time to insert. The rear pull at the back of these shoes helps in easy ‘on’. In a fraction of a second your shoes are on and you are ready for your workout session.

  • Non marking rubber

The rubber in the outsole does not leave any marks. It is safe for your gym floor, workplace floor and home floor.


This shoe is available only in black. Some people prefer brighter colors or black combined with a contrast color.

New Balance Men’s MX626 Slip Resistant Customer reviews

Most of the customers are happy with the comfort provided by the shoes. One of the customers says that the shoes fit like a glove. It is much lighter than the previous models from New Balance. The customers satisfied with the product include cooks and bartenders. One of the cooks says that he has arthritic toes and finding comfortable shoes was his first priority. He adds that these shoes fit his bill 110%. One of the bartenders says that he works in a busy casino and he feels so comfortable in these shoes. He says that he feels as if the shoes were made specially to fit his feet. He has recommended them for all his co workers.

Another bartender says that the Men’s Cross-Training Shoe fit him perfectly and is really slip resistant but the problem is that they did not last for a longer period of time. Yet another customer also complains that the slip resistant sole came off in a few weeks.

Our Rating:{rating}

The shoe seems to be the best choice for all those who train and work in slippery surfaces. New Balance Men’s MX626 Slip Resistant Cross-Training Shoe protects you from slipping and falling. If you love black and if you are concerned about your safety you can go for it without any second thoughts. Overall customer rating is 4.3 which is really good. It is a proof that the shoes are worth the price spent.