New Balance Women's WX1211 Fitness Conditioning Shoe Review

Is staying fit important to you? Is exercising a part of your daily chores? If so, you surely need the right gear to help you in your workouts. The market is full of huge variety of models and brands. Are they confusing you? If so, you should know about a few best options available. One of them is undoubtedly New Balance Women’s WX 1211 Fitness Conditioning Shoe.

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New Balance Women’s WX1211 Review


New Balance is popular for its continuous research and innovations in footwear technology. The featured technology in this product is its plus point.

  • N-ergy – This technology provides a unique supportive cushioning experience. The technology compresses upon impact and upon every strike of the heel. The three chamber design of New Balance Women’s WX 1211 Fitness Conditioning Shoe provides additional pronation control when combined with N-ergy technology.
  • ABSORB SBS – This technology is the perfect solution for the enhanced cushioning. As the name implied it absorbs shock. It has a core design through which it displaces energy. It is a unique material and is resistance to compression. This technology is a real breakthrough that has been formulated to balance the impact of working out.
  • Lockdown liner for strong hold of mid foot – It is a liner integrated into the lacing. This helps in securing your mid foot strongly to the shoes. It also provides custom fit without smothering your feet.
  • New Balance is synonymous to FIT – No two feet are of the same size and shape. New Balance offers shoes not only in many sizes but also in many widths as well. Right fit involves many factors like length, width, arch and girth. New Balance Women’s WX 1211 Fitness Conditioning Shoe is sure to fit you perfectly because it is a product from New Balance.
  • Rubber sole for traction – You are assured of stability even in slippery surfaces. It not only provides traction but also does not leave marks.


Lack of cushioning at the bottom is its minus.

New Balance Women’s WX1211 Customer reviews

One of the customers says that she is in cloud nine. She bought these shoes for a triathlon. She wore them for the event and she is pleased that she didn’t get any blisters and her feet did not ache. She loves the light weight and the stability. She says she loves them and will definitely recommend them.

Another customer with flat foot and knee ache problems says that her podiatrist recommended this style of shoe and she feels no pain.

Another customer is all praise for this shoe. She says that she likes comfortable fit, strong arch support and over pronation prevention offered by New Balance Women’s WX 1211 Fitness Conditioning Shoe. She says that this shoe has all features that she was looking for in an athletic shoe.

All these customers and many more satisfied customers have rated the product with 5-stars.

There are a few customers who have rated with 3-stars and 2-stars. One among them says that the shoe hurts her heels and it is not comfortable. Another customer says that the shoe fits well and is of great price but not cushiony.

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New Balance Women’s WX 1211 Fitness Conditioning Shoe is not very cheap but they are worth every penny spent. It has a lot of wonderful features and has a lot of technological innovative features. All these features have been added after a lot of research and study. They are durable and suitable for all types of activities including running, aerobics, Zumba, gym and many more. This shoe is truly an excellent choice.