New Balance Women's WX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe Review

Any CrossFit lover can attest to the fact that CrossFit exercises demand a specialized pair of athletic shoes. Since the workouts are demanding, you need good CrossFit shoes to that can enhance your performance. The New Balance Women’s WX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe is a perfect match for CrossFit exercises. Here is a review of the same.


New Balance Women’s WX20v3 Minimus Review:


  • Super comfortable

When it comes to comfort, these shoes are far and way the best cross-trainers available in the market. You’ll feel as if you are wearing slippers. The only difference is that the minimus shoes offer more support as compared to slippers. They are made from synthetic and mesh material to enhance this experience. The New Balance WX20v3 Minimus are super lightweight to make the training experience as efficient as possible. In essence, it means that you will not get tired when training as a result of heavy legs.  Since the shoes are dedicated to the athlete, comfy was paramount when designing.

  • Antimicrobial treatment to reduce odour

Sweating feet are a huge contributor to shoe odour. The fact that training often involves rigorous exercises means that your feet are normally subjected to profuse sweating which then leads to odour. Designers understood this concept and opted to go for the antimicrobial treatment which is aimed at reducing odour. This way, you can train more comfortably without any fears. For those have naturally sweating feet, these shoes are best suited for them.

  • Available in a number of colors

Unlike most of the training shoes, the New Balance WX20v3 Minimus are actually pleasing to the eye. They are colourful and available in a wide range of colors to suite everyone’s taste and preferences. Since we’ve established that this CrossFit shoe fulfills its purpose, it was nice for the designers to produce something that is appealing to the eye.

  • It’s true to its size

The shoes do not disappoint when it comes to fitting. They’ll fit like a glove. This is enhanced by the unusual shape which the shoe comes in. It has a slightly wider toe part meaning that all your toes will fit in contrary to most standard narrow sneakers. The fact that the shoe is true to its size means that they guarantee comfort when training in them.


  • Poor stitching

The stitching near the eyelets of the shoes is poorly done which makes the mesh near the toe area tear easily. This however does not warrant the chops and sticks, the shoe still remains as one of the best CrossFit shoes available in the market.

Customers take on the New Balance WX20v3 

Customers agreed on the fact that these CrossFit shoes are super comfortable and a perfect fit. Most of those who wore the New Balance WX20v3 felt as if they were walking barefoot. The shoe has enough cushion essential when it comes to dealing with the different types of workouts. The shoe is phenomenal; it comes with a toe box that is a bit wider. This is expected considering the style that the shoe comes in. The shoe offers the right kind of balance between finding the right support and stability for workouts. They offer better arch support than any other cross-trainer minimal shoes.

Our Rating:{rating}

If you’ve been looking for a perfect cross-training shoe, look no further, the New Balance WX20v3 has all the answers for you. The shoe will provide you with balance and stability to make your training worthwhile. You will feel much comfortable in these shoes than any other minimal shoe. If you are more of a color person, these shoes will not disappoint you. They come in a variant of colors to intrigue you.