Nike Men's Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoes Review

Are you looking for some terrific training shoe? If so, get game-ready with the Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoe. The shoe has it all. These training shoes are light to guarantee a barefoot feel but secure enough to allow for resistance training exercises. They are flexible to allow for agile movements during a workout session. For a clear understanding of these extremely versatile shoes, here is a review of the same. Check out Top 10 Men’s Cross Training Shoes.


Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Our Review:


  • Welded TPU upper

The Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoe combines both the Flywire cables with the welded TPU upper to offer the shoe dynamic mobility, stability and comfort. The welded TPU exterior is specifically designed to provide for tough durability with lightweight, breathable mesh. Training shoes need to be durable because of the nature of their purpose. They also need to be breathable to ensure that your feet are kept cool and dry to reduce cases of foot odour. The fact that these shoes are lightweight means that you can train for hours without suffering from tired legs.

  • Nike Flywire Technology

The designers of this shoe have incorporated a new technology dubbed as the Flywire cables which makes use of lightweight cables to support your movement. The technology allows you to move swiftly without having to fear that you’ll hurt yourself. It adds stability to the shoes something that is a must have in a training shoe.

  • Nike® DiamondFlex technology outsole

Great training shoes need to be flexible enough to support your movements during a workout session. To enhance this, the Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoe is equipped with the Nike® DiamondFlex technology outsole to provide for multidirectional flexibility and allow for an increased range of motion. With this kind of technology, it means the shoes allow you to make transitions easily and in a safer manner.

  • Rubber pods

The intensity of some of the exercises we do often results to wear and tear. With most training shoes, the degree of wear and tear is much higher as compared to other ordinary shoes. To counter this problem, the Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoe adapts the use of rubber pods on high wear areas. The rubber pods guarantee durability and also enhance traction. Training shoes need to have traction as it gives the shoes stability and support.

  • External heel clip

The shoe boasts of an external heel clip which offers the shoe among many things: stability, security and guarantees a comfortable fit.


  • Problem with sizing

This is the only let down in this shoe. When you are out shopping, do not be afraid to try fitting one to confirm if it’s the right size before purchasing.

Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Customers’ take

Most customers who had first hand experience with the Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoe confirmed that the shoe is fantastic buy. They come in perfect colors, a wonderful design, and they feel comfortable to wear. The fact that the heel is not thick and cushioned means that you can easily keep your heels planted when doing squats. They are light and flexible but still can secure your ankles and give you the much needed support for training exercises. In as much as the shoes are nice to look at, functionally, they do in deed live up to their expectation.

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With the Nike Men’s Free Trainer 3.0 Training Shoe, you have everything you need to hit the gym. The shoe is designed for the serious athlete who besides just looking for a mere training shoe; they also have a sense of style. The shoes deliver both performance wise and also in terms of style. Be sure to try them out and embrace the awesome experience.