Nike Women's Flex Trainer 6 Review

Gone are the days when women were indifferent towards their health and fitness. Today women are health conscious and they have realized that regular exercising is the best tool to stay slim, healthy and fit. To make your cross training workouts stress-free and pain-free you should wear the right pair of training shoes. One of the best options is Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6 Training Shoe.

NIKE Women's Flex Trainer 6CTA-button2Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6 Our review


  • Bright colored shoes for bright and cheerful women

Women love to wear brightly colored dresses and matching accessories. Why should women’s training shoes alone be in dull colors? Your shoes need not be dull-looking any more. They can be colorful to match your cheerful personality and your colorful workout outfits if you buy Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6 Training Shoe. It is available in color combinations like red and violet, bright magenta and orange, gray, pink and orange, gray, white and yellow, pink, white and black and many more.

  • Made using the best technologies

This product is made using the latest technologies. It has multidirectional flex groves for better flexibility, natural movement and smoother stride. It has molded EVA midsole for light-weight cushioning. The midsole wrap in the front foot offers better stability.

  • Just Do It

What does ‘Just Do It’ remind you of? It reminds you of Nike, isn’t it? Yes, Nike is a world-famous sports brand. Everyone relies on the products of Nike because of quality, innovation and durability. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6 Training Shoe is one of the reliable products from Nike and has all the features of a Nike product.

  • Consistent size

The only problem of buying shoes online is that you cannot try them before buying. Most of the brands are a half size smaller or bigger. When it is a Nike shoe you need not have any worries about the size because Nike size is always consistent. You are assured of a perfect fit. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6 Training Shoe is no exception to this.

  • All-in-one product

This product looks pretty. It can be worn to work or for casual outings with friends. They are built strong. You can wear them to the gym or when you go for long walks or when you run a marathon or when you go for your kickboxing. They are so comfortable that you can wear them the whole day.


The only con is that these shoes lack breathability.

Real customer’s reviews

The customers seem to love the product. There are a very few exceptions to this. Most of the customers say that they recommend the product. One of the customers says that she is very happy with the purchase and she will definitely order more. Another customer says that she wore the shoes for 8 hours continuously and didn’t feel any pain in the ankle or in the feet. She says wearing Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6 Training Shoe is as comfortable as wearing slippers.

One of the customers feels that she felt comfortable when she wears the shoes for work and not when she wears it for her workouts in her gym. She says that it hurts.

Our Rating:{rating}

The shoe is cute and cool. It is comfortable to wear. It provides good stability and traction. It has all the pluses of Nike. If you are a fan of Nike you are not going to be disappointed. You are surely going to love it. The product has received an overall rating of 4.2 from the customers but it can be rated up to 4.6. It is worth a try.