Reebok Men's Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe Review

One thing we can all agree on is that Reebok is without a doubt one of the oldest brands in the shoe industry.The Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe is one of their many collections which boast of having perforated detailing known to provide for breathability through the ventilation. Most users have applauded these shoes for their ease with which they can be won and their general lightweight nature which makes them ideal for anyone. Here is a review of the same to help you understand.Reebok Men's Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe


Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Review:


  • Leather and Mesh

The Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe is designed with a leather overlay which is great when it comes to enhancing the shoe’s support system. We all know that training requires maximum support. With the leather overlay, the shoe guarantees this. With the combination of leather and mesh upper, the shoe guarantees the user; lightweight, comfort, durability and breathability. The shoe is lightweight to enhance your training session by ensuring that the shoe remains light on your feet to prevent cases of tired legs. The fact that the shoes have both mesh upper and perforated ventilations goes to show you just how important aeration is to training shoes. They allow your feet to remain cool and dry at all times therefore allowing you to maximize your training sessions.

  • Laced-up front

For a training/working out session to be successful, everything has to be right. You can never workout in shoes that do not fit you because you’ll not feel as comfortable. In that connection, the laced-up front feature allows the shoes to be adjust for a perfect fit. Once the fit is secured, you can proceed with your workouts without any hindrances.

  • EVA-cushioned midsole

Considering the fact that exercising especially the intense exercises is characterized by rigorous activities, you need ample cushioning in your feet to protect them from shock on impact. By featuring an EVA midsole, the manufactures guarantees lightweight cushioning and great responsiveness. It also allows for comfortable shock absorption on impact. This ensures that you remain comfortable in your shoe throughout the training session.

  • Durable rubber outsole

The intensity with which we perform our exercises demand that we purchase shoes that can withstand the taste of time. The Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe is designed with a durable rubber outsole which not only provides for durability but it also ensures that the shoes have enough traction for stability and support. The tread on the rubber outsole provides for traction which is essential when training indoor or outdoor.


  • Sizing issues

The Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe tends to have an issue with the sizing as your right size may seem to be slightly narrower. This makes the shoes to hurt your feet. This is not something you’d expect from training shoes.

Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Customers’ reviews

Customers agreed on the fact that the shoes are comfortable, durable versatile, lightweight and breathable. The shoes are ready for work, the leather and mesh upper keeps your feet fresh and provides them with all the support they need. The Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe combines both style and comfort to enhance your experience. They perform better with side to side and front to back movements than when jumping up and down. Nevertheless they are awesome shoes to train in. You can checkout Top 5 Reebok Cross-Training Shoes.

Our Rating:{rating}

With cross-trainer shoes becoming harder to get, the Reebok Men’s Infrastructure Cross-Training Shoe represent a good buy at just $70. The shoes are dependable, very strong, comfortable and all round cross-training shoes. With these shoes, you can even run for miles without experiencing any hardships because they are lightweight and provide you with all the support and stability you need.