Reebok Women's RealFlex Strength TR Training Shoe Review

Training shoes have gained an incredible popularity and are the most desired shoes by athletes. Why is it so? Why are they preferred over running shoes? Running shoes are specifically designed for forward motion but Training shoes are multi-tasking shoes. Most women prefer to have variety in their exercise regimen and it is of no wonder that Training shoes are in high demand. One of the best in the market is Reebok Women’s RealFlex Strength TR Training Shoe.

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  • More cushioning and more support

It has extra padding at the heel and in the arched area. When you land on your feet after jumping or kickboxing or other activities your feet will not feel the impact. You will have no pain in your feet. This is a big advantage, especially, for flat footers. Their arch land smoothly and softly on the padded and cushioned part of the shoe.

  • Flexible and blending with every step you take

A right pair of trainer shoes should not only have cushioning and stability but also it should be flexible. The shoe should blend with every step you take and all other activities you do. As the name suggests, Reebok Women’s RealFlex Strength TR Training Shoe provides flexibility with all your movements. How is the extra flexibility possible? This shoe has multi-directional flex nodes which is responsible for the extra flexibility.

  • Light in weight

Light weight is an important feature to look for in a cross trainer shoes. You will not be able to get the comfortable feel and you will not be able to work out for a longer duration of time if the shoes are heavy.

  • Durable traction

Whatever be the exercise you do, safety is of primary concern. Slippery shoe is one of the main risk factors. Shoes with good traction help in avoiding injuries. The carbon rubber heel provides durable traction.


The ankle area is too high and it may cause slight discomfort. This seems to be the only disadvantage of this shoe.

Reebok Women’s RealFlex Strength TR Customer reviews

Most of the customers are surprised with the quality of the product because it is sold at a very affordable price. One of the customers says that she wasn’t expecting much for the price she paid for the shoes. She is very pleased with the looks and she says she has the feeling of walking on cushion. She is impressed by the way the shoes bend and with her foot with every step she takes.

Another customer says that this shoe is exactly what she needed. Yet another says that this shoe is perfect except for the ankle part that hurts her but she says she has bought another pair because she loved her first pair.

A few customers have had minor issues with Reebok Women’s RealFlex Strength TR Training Shoe. One of them complains that her foot doesn’t stay on the sole and keeps on slipping. Most of the customers have rated with 5 stars and the overall rating is 4.2. Buy the best 5 Reebok Cross Training shoes.

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One of the customers says that it is the best for her walking and running. Another says that this shoe is her best tennis companion. Another says that she wears it for her cardio, strength training and circuit training etc. This proves the versatility of the product. The price is affordable. It is available in stunning colors. Great looks, cheap price, comfort, traction, cushioning, the name REEBOK and many more pluses – Aren’t the features promising? If you love pink and if you are in need of perfect training shoes, you can go for it.