Reebok Women's Sublite TR Cross-Training Shoe Review

Cross-training shoe is the most important equipment for anyone who is interested in going for a variety in physical fitness. It can help in avoiding injuries and in giving the best performance. To make sure that their customers get the best and give the best, the popular brands in shoes have introduced innovations and new technologies in cross-training shoes. Reebok, one of the most popular brands, is no exception to this. One of their best is Reebok Women’s Sublite TR Cross-Training Shoe.

Reebok Women


Reebok Women’s Sublite TR Review


  • Cute looks to find a place in everyone’s heart

Most people are aware that external looks are not as important as the inner mind but it is an unarguable fact that people of all ages and all sexes like to look good and like to buy products with good looks. This shoe from Reebok looks cute in bright colors and innovative designs. The contrasting combinations of pink and blue, yellow and blue and purple and pink are sure to steal the hearts of all women.

  • Upper part of the shoe

The upper part is made using Lifeuse Upper Construction. What are the pluses of this technology? Breathable mesh, synthetic overlays and lightweight are the features of this technology. These features will provide you the structural support you were looking for.

  • Very comfortable to wear

There are plenty of technological features that enhance your comfort. What are the special features? 3D Ecofilm offers lightweight and seamless support. The synthetic mesh upper provides maximum support. The EVA sockliner accommodates orthotics easily. The padded collar and tongue ensures cozy fit.

  • Improved stability

The raises dual density heel counter and the medial support harness are the special features that provide improved stability.

  • Carbon rubber outsoles leaves no marks

The shoe is made with no-mark outsoles. You can wear them anywhere without worrying about damaging the floors.


The lack of cushioning is a disadvantage of this shoe but there are workouts that need less cushioning. The same disadvantage becomes an advantage for them.

Reebok Women’s Sublite TR Customers’ reviews

The 4.4 stars rated by the customers is a clear indication that the customers like the product. The reviews made by real customers prove this again.
One of the customers says that she is happy that she has finally found a comfortable shoe for her sweat producing boot camp sessions. She had tried almost fifteen pairs of shoes earlier and none of them fit her. She was suffering from pain after all boot camp sessions. She says she knew that this product was the perfect choice within half an hour after she started her boot camp session.

Another customer says that this shoe is great for Zumba. She says that her instructor recommended shoes with less cushioning and pivot point. She is happy that Reebok Women’s Sublite TR Cross-Training Shoe meets the recommendations of her instructor.

Most of the customers love the cute looks and light weight. They feel that it is pretty enough to be worn with outfits. The negative reviews had one common complaint and it was the little cushioning inside. One of the customers had the feeling of running barefoot because of lack of cushioning.

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Reebok Women’s Sublite TR Cross-Training Shoe is worth the money spent. If you are a runner you may be disappointed with this shoe but it is wise to go for a running shoe rather than a cross training shoe if you are a runner. If you want a cross trainer shoe for your gym or Zumba or your boot camp, this is a wonderful choice.