Reebok Women's Trainfusion Cross Training Shoe Review

The name says it all. The Reebok Women’s Trainfusion Cross-Training Shoe is designed to help you with all aspects of your training. They can help you with circuit training at the gym, running or even when riding a bike. Besides just being athletic shoes, these cross-trainer shoes unlike majority of the trainer shoes are also stylish. To help you understand these shoes, here is a full review of the same.

Reebok Women's Trainfusion Cross-Training Shoe


Reebok Women’s Trainfusion Review:


  • Synthetic and Mesh

Just like any other Reebok creations, the Reebok Women’s Trainfusion Cross-Training Shoe is designed for running. They also offer a lot in the gym. The fact that the shoe is covered with a ventilated mesh upper means that your feet are protected from excessive sweating. The upper mesh keeps your feel cool, to reduces foot odour and slipping as a result of profuse sweating. The mesh upper also combines leather to enhance comfort. The leather also provides for durability which a vital when it comes to athletic shoes.

  • Rubber outsole

Support is a requirement when running or training at the gym. Without this, our training sessions or running experiences would be characterized by some major slip-ups. To make these sessions fruitful, Reebok equipped the Reebok Women’s Trainfusion Cross-Training Shoe with a rubber outsole to offer the shoe traction and support. With traction and support, running becomes easy and enjoyable because one can make sudden turns without fearing the worst. Unlike shoes with plastic outsole, shoes with rubber outsole tend to last longer than the former.

  • Sturdy and cushioned

Reebok has always had one thing in mind; to design shoes that can make athletes run faster. By making these cross-trainers sturdy and cushioned enough, they were sending out a clear message. They are well cushioned to protect the ankle area and the entire feet from flexing a lot. Too much flexing of the feet has been identified as a major cause of metatarsal injuries. The soft cushioning is essential to athletes who yearn for some comfort during training.

  • True to size

Even though the shoes might look wider on the outside, they are a perfect fit. The cushioning together with the lacing is vital towards ensuring that the shoe fits perfectly. With a slight adjustment on the lacing, the shoes can fit your feet.


  • No arch support

The fact that they lack arch support makes them not the most comfortable shoes on the planet. This makes them perfect for errand running but not for cross-training. If you are looking for support, you might want to consider other options.

Customers take of the shoe

Customers agreed on the fact that the shoes are a perfect fit and great to look at. However, they are not the most comfortable shoes something they attributed to the lack of arch support. There are a few customers who had to return the shoe because they felt that they needed more support from the Reebok Women’s Trainfusion Cross-Training Shoe. The shoe would be great for errand running, but not for serious cross-training.The soles are not that comfortable either and the absence of enough cushioning makes them though on the feet. You may like top 5 Reebok cross training shoes for women.

Our Rating:{rating}

When it comes to running shoes, Reebok topples the rest. The versatility of the Reebok Women’s Trainfusion Cross-Training Shoe is what makes it perfect for running and training at the gym. The shoe is sturdy, cushioned enough, boasts of having a rubber outsole for traction and support and is designed with a combination of leather and mesh for breathability and durability. They are the perfect running shoe. What are you waiting for, pull-on, lace-up and run!