RYKA Women's Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe Review

In the past people were physically active because their day to day activities needed some physical exertion. Today life is machine-oriented and most people lead a luxurious life with no physical activities at the cost of their physical fitness. Exercises are very important to keep you physically and mentally healthy. Varied activities will surely help you to remain motivated and focused. To do varied exercises you need a cross-training shoe. Know about RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe, one of the best options.
RYKA Women's Enhance 2 Cross-Training Shoe

RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 review


  • Dual foam midsole

What are the jobs of a midsole? It should be a shock absorber and motion controller and should provide cushioning effect and stability. It is the most important of a cross trainer shoe. A firmer and thicker midsole is better if you want to make sure that your foot does not roll in the shoes and gets hurt. RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe has dual foam midsole which provide all that a midsole should offer.

  • Webbing heel pull tab

Life is too fast. Most people are too busy and every moment is precious. The webbing heel pull tab in RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe helps in easy on and off the shoe. In a fraction of a second you can wear or remove your shoe and get ready for your exercise regimen.

  • Flex foil layer

Flex foil is a synthetic material that is very light and gives the upper part of the shoe a sleek look. It is so light in weight that you will not have any discomfort while wearing these shoes.

  • Only for women

This is a big plus. It is a fact that no two men or no two women are alike. When that is the case, how can a man’s shoe fit a woman’s narrower and smaller feet? RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe is a woman’s only women. You are assured of a better fit.


Being thin and light in weight is certainly a pro but when it becomes ultra thin you may not be able to get the arch support that you were longing for. Loss of arch support is it main drawback.

RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Customer reviews

One of the customers is so delighted with the shoe that she has given double thumbs up. She is happy that the shoes support her everywhere including her ankles. She is also happy that these shoes do not look like combat boots. The sleek shape matches her small feet and she loves them so much. Another customer says that her step aerobics instructor owns a pair of RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe. She tried them and she bought them because it fitted her so well. She says that the shoe gives good ventilation and she doesn’t even have the feel of wearing shoes. Yet another customer says that it is the perfect choice for aerobics. Review the Best Crossfit Shoes for Women in 2018.

It has received negative reviews too. One of the customers says that there is no enough room for her toes. Another says that it does not provide enough support.

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RYKA Women’s Enhance 2 Cross Training Shoe is not expensive. If you have small and narrow feet, it may be an excellent choice for you. If you have broader feet you may not have enough room for your toes. If you are looking for a light weight shoe to help you to perform better in low intensity training, og ahead and buy it. The shoe can be rated with 4.5 stars for its looks and features.