RYKA Women's Exertion Shoe Review

When you buy shoes you should make sure that it serves your purpose. If not, you will waste your money. Are you an all-rounder who loves to go for all-round activities? You are in need of an all-rounder shoe and not the running or tennis shoes. Are you finding it difficult to select the best one among the wide array of trainer shoes existing in the market? RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe is surely one among the best.

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RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe Review


  • Specially designed for a woman

Both man and woman are human beings but their similarity ends there. A woman is different from a man physically and mentally. A woman’s feet are different from a man’s feet. They are narrower in the heel part but are wider in the forefoot. RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe has been specially designed keeping this unique feature of women in mind. This ensures perfect fit.

  • Ortholite footbed

This product has Ortholite insoles. What are the unique features of Ortholite footbed? It has high-level breathability and long term cushioning. It manages moisture better. Its antimicrobial property reduces the risk of fungal and bacterial infections. It also prevents bad odor. It is light in weight and it is made from recycled rubber. It is environment-friendly. It is washable. All these unique features make Ortholite footbed a wonderful choice as an insole.

  • Pivot points for less strain

Do you turn and twist when you are working out? If so, you need pivot points in your shoes. Shoes with no pivot points but with high grip sticks to the floor and will cause strain to your ankle and knees. Pivot points make sure that your shoes blend with your movements and prevent strains and pains.

  • Perfect fit and comfort

Padded collar and tongue and the lace system ensures perfect fit. The soft textile lining and EVA midsole enhances comfort. The mesh upper increases breathability to keep your feet dry and comfortable.


This is an imported product and not made in USA. This is imported from China. Although, it is a quality product, the very fact that it is made in USA raises questions about its quality.

RYKA Women’s Exertion Customer reviews

One of the customers is a Zumba instructor with plenty of foot issues like narrow foot, not completely broken foot and stress fracture in the other foot. She was searching for a pair of shoes that would not bother her broken foot and fractured foot and would fit her narrow foot. She is happy that her search has come to an end finally. She is ready to recommend this product to anyone. You may like Top 5 RYKA Cross Training shoe for Women.

Another customer feels that it is an excellent choice for indoor dancing. Yet another says that it is best for Jazzercise. Awesome, Wonderful, Fantastic, Cute, Comfy, Heaven on feet, Supportive, best ever high impact shoes and amazing – These are some of the comments received by RYKA Women’s Exertion Shoe.

One of the customers says that she had blisters when she practiced Zumba outdoors.  She feels it is not perfect for outdoor use. A few feel that the size is little smaller. One of them says that the left side of the shoes is torn earlier than the right side. There are a few complaints but overall the reviews are good.

Our Rating:{rating}

If you go for low impact workouts, this shoe may be a perfect choice for you. The reviews prove that the product is of good quality in spite of the fact that it is made in China. There is no need to worry about the product. It can be rated with 4.4 stars. Is it recommended? Yes, it is.