Saucony Women's Grid V2 Training Shoe Review

Working out is a trend that has been steadily growing among women.  They all want to stay in shape and remain healthy. For a complete workout session, one needs a complete training gear. Shoes play a key role during training because they determine your degree of comfort. Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoes are best suited for these sessions. Here is an insight to the neutral shoe.
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Saucony Women’s Grid Review:


  • Nylon and Synthetic upper

The Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe features a synthetic upper with overlays to guarantee comfort, support and performance. These three qualities are essential when training because they’ll determine how long you can go. You cannot complete a session when you are not feeling comfortable in your training shoes. For you to enjoy the workout session, everything has to be right. The synthetic upper brings the much needed comfort around the ankle area.

  • Non-visible Grid system

This multi-purpose training shoe comes equipped with a grid cushioning system which is specifically designed to bring rear foot cushioning. Since training is a rigorous exercise, cushioning is very vital. In that connection, the Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe does not disappoint. The shoe ensures that the rear foot which carries most of the weight is amply cushioned.

  • Neutral Stability Multi-purpose outsole

The training shoe design was inspired by circuit training and work-outs meaning that the shoe is all about withstanding the most adverse conditions. The shoe’s outsole is made with carbon rubber to ensure that the training shoe has the much needed traction. Anyone who has ever trained knows that one needs this during training. Besides the traction, the carbon rubber outsole also gives the shoe its stability and brings durability.

  • Heel propel crash pad

There is something unique about the Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe. It incorporates a new technology known as the propel technology. The technology adds some exciting features to the shoe including deflection on impact and flexing. According to Saucony, the shoe will provide you with maximum deflection on impact. With this technology in place, the shoe can withstand any impacts. It makes then the most ideal shoes to use when working out, cross training and when performing aerobics.Besides training, the rigid foot bed is also good for those with metatarsal injuries. It provides the foot with the support it requires and prevents it from flexing.


  • Not snug in heel area

In as much as the Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe can be true to size, there is something to be desired about the heel area. The shoe does not entirely hug the heel as you’d expect with the training shoes. This is not ideal when it comes to training because it makes the shoe feel rather sloppy.

Saucony Women’s Grid Customer’s reviews

Most of the customers who reviewed this product agreed on two things; the Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe was true to size and that it provides their feet with an all round support which is very essential when it comes to training. If you have a narrow foot, do not worry because this can be adjusted to prevent your heel from slipping using the lacing. The shoe is heavier than majority of the light shoes available because it sacrifices weight for support. They have a plenty of cushion suitable for jumping. Check out the best 10 Women’s Cross Training Shoes.

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Whether you are an athlete training for a major tournament or you are just an individual, who wants to get in shape, Saucony Women’s Grid V2 Training Shoe is a perfect match for you.  They are comfortable, provide you with all the support that your feet need and the carbon rubber outsole guarantees traction.