Ultimate Guide to Buying Cross Training Shoes

The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Cross Training Shoecross-training-workouts-300x274Cross-training is any type of exercise program that utilizes multiple muscle groups. For example, cross training can refer to someone who runs daily, but also incorporates sports into their exercise routine. Instead of focusing on one body part, cross training gives you a full body workout by constantly using different muscle groups. Cross training also helps spice up your exercise routine so you won’t get bored, and will be more likely to stick with your fitness routine.

While cross training, it is super important to wear the correct shoes. Cross training shoes, or cross trainers, are specifically designed to help you keep your feet healthy and your body strong while performing a variety of exercises. These shoes are beneficial over just buying shoes for a specific activity (i.e. running shoes) because they will support you in all of your activities.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you will find the perfect pair of cross trainers.

How to Buy Cross Training Shoes for Wide or Flat Feet

1. Pay Attention to Your Arch if You Have Wide Feet

Everyone has a different type of arch. The first thing to look at when choosing a cross trainer is to pay attention to the cleat’s arch. If the shoes you try on have too high or too low of arches, then your athletic performance will be affected. There are three main types of arch: normal, flat and high. People who have normal arches will see the middle of their shoes wear out first, while flat arches cause the inside of shoes to degrade quickly. On the other end of the spectrum, people with high or wide arches tend to wear out the outside of shoes primarily. Look at a few pairs of shoes to determine what parts are worn down, and you will be able to figure out your arch type. You may like Best cross training shoes for women with high arches.

Arch Type Type of Cross Training Shoes
Normal Arch People with normal arches should choose stability shoes. They provide extra protection and extra cushioning in the inside of the shoe.and will support the feet perfectly in a stable position.Because normal or medium arches are the most common foot type, most people will need Stability cross training shoes
Flat Arch People with flat arches need to search for shoes that are motion controlled. These shoes provide extra protection and extra cushioning in the inside of the cleat. Both of these features help flat arch slow excessive pronation and tend to have wider and flatter outsoles.
High Arch People with normal arches need to find neutral cushioned cross trainers.These types of cross trainers will more concerned with midsole cushioning. The midsole will provide the extra shock absorption that the lack of pronation is missing.

2. Pay Attention to the Shoe’s Construction

When looking for cross trainers, pay close attention to the bottom of the cross trainers. A shoe’s bottom, or outsole, will provide the most cushion during your exercise routine by acting as a shock absorber. You want to find shoes with strong and wide outsoles that won’t deteriorate after a few months. The upper portion of the cleat can be leather or synthetic mesh. This decision is totally up to you. Leather provides more support, while synthetic mesh is more breathable. If you are participating in activities that involve side to side movement, then you should look for cross trainers with thick and wide soles. This will help you maintain stability and support during your workout.

3. Checking the Fit and Comfort

Finding a good fit for your cross trainers is probably the most important thing when choosing a cleat. This is not always as easy as it sounds. Due to the nature of the cross trainer, you may have to try on various sizes and widths to find a cleat that fits your foot perfectly. The best idea is to have your foot measured at a shoe store especially if you have wide feet, and compare your foot measurement to the measurement of the actual cleat. Do this after you have exercised or after you have been on your feet for awhile. This will ensure your foot is slightly swollen or wider, which is how your feet will be during exercise, so you will receive the best fit this way.

When trying on new shoes check for their flexibility by rocking your feet back and forth in the trainers. If you feel pressure or any kind of pinching during this, then take the shoes off and try another pair. Cross trainers that pinch will cause you to have a reduction in circulation during your exercise routine, and will make your routine painful. Always lace up the cleat as you would when you exercise, and then lay your foot flat on the floor. Press downward firmly to keep the cleat from sliding, and then try to slide your foot. If the cleat slips, then its traction isn’t up to par, and you should try a different shoe. Cross trainers should provide security and stability, and shouldn’t slip. Also, make sure you have at least ¼ of an inch of space between your toes and the front of the shoes.

4. The Best Place to Buy Your Cross Training Shoes

Cross training shoes can be quite expensive, especially for people who don’t often spend a lot of money on shoes. However, you can find good deals on cross trainers if you visit Amazon. The website has thousands of cross trainers available online and often runs deals on their shoe department. If ordering products online, it is still a good idea to try on the cleat you want in a store setting in order to ensure that they fit properly.

To find cross trainers on Amazon, simply search for them in the search box. However, if you want more detailed results, then visit the cross trainers portal page on Amazon, and click on Athletic shoes, and then cross training. You will then be directed to every cross training shoe that Amazon offers, and you can sort them by brand, price, size and many other categories.

Before you complete your order, contact the seller of the shoes with any of your questions. These questions could be anything from what colors the shoes come in, to what is their exact price. Most sellers respond quickly to inquiries about their products, and will be happy to help you out. This will help you feel more secure about your purchase, and open a line of communication between you and the seller.

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