Top 5 Brands for Cross Training Shoes

Are you a runner, but also love to exercise in other ways? If so, then you may be wondering if you’re running shoes can work for all of the activities you love. The short answer, is probably no. Instead, you need cross trainers. Cross trainers provide you with adequate lateral support, unlike practically any running shoe. This lateral support is extremely important if you participate in any type of court activity. It will help improve your performance, and keep you safe. But, honestly, cross trainers for men are hard to find.

Thankfully though, shoe companies are now stepping up their games. Now, they are creating cutting-edge tennis shoes to ensure that we can easily switch from playing basketball to weightlifting without changing our shoes.

Best Brands / Companies of Cross Trainers

Here are five of the best companies with cross trainers on the market today.

1. Nike

Nike has been and is still known as the “King of the Cross Trainer.” Today, they have numerous cross training options for any level of athlete. Nike excels in every shoe they create, and has a different shoe for practically every type of sport out there. So, it makes sense that they would produce a high quality cross trainer as well. Each year their technologies evolve, and each year they have produced new styles that will keep your feet happy and your body in shape.

2. New Balance

New Balance has been advertising cross trainers for years now. They’ve always been extremely durable, comfortable and even fashionable. Today though, the company has gotten even more creative and advanced in their technology. Their cross trainers are now lighter than ever, much more fashionable, and even a lot more breathable. Plus, their shoes are universal, so if you have ever found a pair of New Balance tennis shoes that fit, it is likely you can find a pair of their cross trainers that fit beautifully as well.

3. Reebok

Like New Balance, Reebok has been in the cross training market for years now. However, recently, they’ve made a huge indent in the cross training market. Their recent shoes are super breathable, extremely comfortable, and are the perfect trainers to make a fashion statement.


ASICS is a trusted shoe brand that has been a well kept secret among athletes over the years. Their shoes have always been durable and strength. Recently though, their shoes have become more breathable, and they have expanded their cross training line to include variations for different types of exercises.

5. Under Armour

Under Armour is newer to the shoe world, but they are very reliable. Having cornered the sports market early on, they just recently delved into the cross training market. Their shoes are all about athletic performance, and are a wonderful fit for any athlete who is ready to take their training to the next level.

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