Under Armour Men's UA Strive IV Training Shoes Review

Cross training is a diverse workout method with a combination of different exercises. They are recommended for athletes and sports people to keep their body fit and for people who want to get in shape. Not all shoes are the best for cross training. You need a shoe that is good for every activity and should be stable, comfortable, rough and strong. Under Armour UA TR STRIVE IV Mens Cross Tariner Shoes Model 1241782 002 could be the right choice for you.

Under Armour UA TR Strive IV Shoe - Men's


Under Armour Men’s UA Strive IV Review


  • Today’s technology – 4D foam foot bed

4D foam foot bed is Under Armour’s proprietary foot bed. The foot bed is composed of molded 4D foam. The uniqueness of this foam is that it can mold with the shape of your foot. This assures comfortable and secure fit. It not only adjusts with the shape but also adjusts with the movement. This prevents slipping and reduces the pressure exerted on the underfoot. This product from Under Armourt is sure to provide a custom fit that you are looking for.

  • Micro G technology – A welcome innovation

This too is a foam technology and a unique technology developed by Under Armour. The foam under this technology is thinner and lighter. It is actually 30% thinner than the standard foams used for making shoes. When the foam is thinner, it goes without saying that it is lighter too. It is bouncier. This helps in natural elevation while jumping and returning back to normal. It is low-compression foam which helps in keeping your feet cushioned for longer duration of time. This technology gives you lethal quickness in your activities.

  • Low profile ArmourBound midsole – An amazing feature

This is another ArmourBound’s patented technology. Low profile ArmourBound midsole helps in maintaining even distribution of impact with every stride and every movement. It delivers full length cushioning. It works with your natural foot movements and offers maximum comfort and support.

  • Lateral outrigger – Extra bonus

The special patented features of ArmourBound are sure to provide the maximum stability. Lateral outrigger is a bonus feature for added stability. Lateral outrigger in the forefoot region of the outsole increases the girth of the shoe. This increases the lateral rigidity and overall stability.


The shoes seem to be a little rigid. This is not a big issue because you will feel slightly uncomfortable in the beginning. When you run long distances or when you work out of for a long time you will love the firmness and rigidity because it keeps your feet comfortable.

Under Armour Men’s UA Strive IV Customer reviews

Most of the buyers are delighted with this product. They feel this shoe is worth every penny spent. One of them says that he couldn’t be happier with the price, the quality and comfort. Another user loves the light weight, breathability and impact protection features of this shoe. Yet another says that he was expecting a break in period but the shoes molded with his feet the moment he put them on. Review other’s Budget Men’s Cross Training Shoes.

The only complaint made by one of the customers was that the sole came off in just 2 months. No one else has any complaints to make.

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4.6 stars rating given by customers – That is really great and highly impressive. It is a perfect option for cross trainers looking for a feather-light shoe. Its comfort and stability are sure to help you to deliver your best on or off track. Its strength guarantees durability. With only one negative review, this product seems to be the best choice. The price is affordable. There is no need to think further. It is worth buying.