What Activities Can Cross Training Shoes Be Worn For?

Cross-Training shoes are generally used for elliptical training and all other kinds of low-impact workouts but are worn to cushion and pad the balls of the feet. They can be ideally defined as shoes that are flexible, provide avid protection and also stand shocks. They are generally chosen keeping in mind, your stride length, foot width and other support needs. The great advantage is that it can put to a number of uses along with training like different sports activities. Exercise regimens, workouts and jogging. Aiding on the fact that they are extremely flexible and light, they are the most affordable accessory for all workout regimes. Check out the best Women’s Cross Training Shoes with Cushioning.

Workout woman cross training

The most advantageous factor of these shoes is that, according to Mayo clinic walking and training upon cross-trainers will bring about the same results as that of walking on a tread mill. They are basically designed to be versatile, compatible and to aid a supportive base. Cross-trainers however are not a so-good option for long distance running as they are usually less-cushioned then the basic running shoes but they have an amiable bulky structure that helps to cushion your ankle movements.

Difference Between Cross-Trainers and Running Sneakers

If you’re constantly at gym or at exercise regimens it would be better to let your trainer/advisor recommend one, or hop into a shop and let the dealer recommend one according to your strides and foot width , or just check out the shoes recommended by sports nuts.

cross-training-workouts-300x274They are the most economical choice as one of these can be put into various kinds of uses. Like they can be used in,

Health Clubs:

Many wear Cross-trainers at gym/health clubs for they provide enough cushioning at the sole and make it flexible, therefore render a help for aerobic activities, weight lifting and cycling.


They are generally used for indoor games like volleyball, basketball etc. for they aid extra support and maximize foot comfort in and around ankles. They are best chosen to go with out-door tennis activities.

Specialized Shoes:

They are not designed for long-running but can be worn for sports that include running for short-distances.

If you are still confuesed about this,Please check the follow chart which outlines how cross training shoes can be worn for a number of popular sports and exercise activities.


Are Cross Training Shoes Appropriate?

Most Important Feature


Yes Maximize Foot Comfort


Not for long-running, but the occasional jog is fine Support in forefoot


For playing once per week or less Cushioning for jumping


For the occasional match Lateral support for quick cuts on the court

Weight Training

Yes Stability

When to Replace Cross Training shoes?

In addition to being informed about what activities cross training shoes are perfect for, it is also important to know when you should replace your cross training shoes. According to the popular Dick’s Sporting Goods store, cross training shoes should be able to sustain 100 hours of wear. This is the equivalent of two, one-hour workouts per week for an entire year. More vigorous exercisers may need to replace their shoes every six months. Also, if you notice any kind of wear and tear on your shoes, then think about replacing them for your safety and your body’s health.