Apex Men's Lace WL X Last Walking Shoe Review

A man should be concerned about his footwear if for no other motive than the fact that it forms the very foundation he stands upon. In a normal day, your shoes carry all your weight and poor choice of shoes can lead to make you feel uncomfortable. That is why you need a good athletic walker to get you through the day, providing your feet with the comfort needed and the Aetrex 801 Athletic Walker is just the right shoe you need for your active life.  This walker provides you with a high-tech shoe with the features you need to provide support and still feeling lightweight at the same time.71HP2bAJObL._SL1432_

CTA-button2Apex Men’s Lace WL X Our Review:


  • High-tech shoe

This high-tech shoe provides you with comfort when walking for miles on end to work. Built to last and made out of durable leather upper and high-density stability enhancer is specially designed to provide you with more support and pressure evenly across the sole. The slip resistant rubber outsole makes this walking shoe very safe to wear and provides you with the traction needed while running. The athletic walker is available in black or white to choose from.

  • Equal distribution of pressure

The Aetrex 801 provides your feet with the highest standard in comfort, overall support and breathability.  The multiple removable insoles enable these shoes to fit many different foot types and make them an ideal choice for those who wear orthotics. The external heel counter with high-density stability enhancer provides your feet with rear foot control, medial posting and even controls eversion.

  • Healthy for the feet

The removable orthotics and PRS (Pressure Relief System) insoles provide you with the optimum comfort and shock reduction while walking. The breathable uppers and open-air covered mesh linings help to keep your feet cool, healthy and dry. The material of the shoe is lightweight, soft and provides you with comfort.

  • Designed for rearfoot and forefoot

The design of this walking shoe provides your rear foot with the stability needed when walking long lengths on end while the forefoot provides flexibility while in motion with walking and running. The midsole provides a Carboplast foot bridge that crosses the shoe for extra control.


  • Brand name confusion

The main problem that is occurring at the moment when purchasing these Aetrex Men 801 Athletic Walking Shoes online is that when they are delivered they receive the Apex 801 shoe and this causes confusion when you want these specific shoes. The only reason this happened is because they have gone through a name change.

What do customers think about this Athletic Walker?

Customers are very satisfied with the athletic walker as it is very comfortable to wear when walking long distance or for using every day to work. A great shoe for even men who are a bit overweight and need a shoe that is a bit wider than normal providing the stability needed while walking with them all day. Many customers are happy with the quality of the shoe and use them 8 hours a day for standing without their feet feeling tired or giving a burning affect you find with other makes.

Our Rating:{rating}

The Aetrex Men’s X801M Athletic Walker has been made for men who are on their feet most of the day providing them with the comfort they need without having sore feet when the day has ended. These shoes are made to last and endure many tough treading obstacles that may be put on your way while running or exercising. This walking shoe is recommended by many customers who have bought it and also very affordable to purchase.