ASICS Women's GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe Review

Both males and females need to work out to keep themselves fit but working out is more important for women. Why is it so? Physically active women can minimize the symptoms and consequences of menopause. If you are going for high intensity workouts, you should make sure that you use the right footwear to suit your feet and the type of activity you are indulging yourselves. One shoe can fit in all types of training activities is ASICS Women’s GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe.

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  • Rear foot, mid foot and forefoot GEL

The cushioning system is the key to the comfort of a shoe. The GEL cushioning technology is the core technology used by ASICS for years. This technology has been one of the main factors for the comfort provided by all ASICS shoe. ASICS Women’s GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe has been designed using this technology in forefoot, mid and rear foot. In the midsole it works in conjunction with the midsole material to absorb shock. During every heel strike there is a vertical impact. This forces 3 to 5 times your body weight on your foot. The GEL technology in the rear foot helps in reducing the impact of heel strike. The GEL cushioning in the forefoot reduces the shear forces and accommodates the pressure of the foot. GEL technology used in the right areas of the shoe is the biggest benefit of this product from ASICS.

  • Trusstic system to support your natural movement

Do you know that that you have a ligament called the plantar fascia in your foot? It is this ligament that tightens, raises your arch and stabilizes your foot when it moves. The Trusstic system in ASICS Women’s GEL-Enthrall Training Shoe is designed to support this ligament during propulsion. Your shoes will not affect the natural movement of your foot. This helps you to run better and train better.

  • Synthetic mesh and leather for the upper part

The synthetic leather reduces the weight. The synthetic mesh increases breathability. It also enhances the comfort, support and fit.

  • AHAR for durability

What does AHAR stand for? It means ASICS High Resistant Rubber. It is tough leather that increases the durability of your shoes by minimizing the excessive wearing down of the outsole.


The narrower forefoot seems to be a problem in this shoe. Women with large toes and forefoot have pain when they wear this shoe from ASICS.

Customer reviews

One of the customers says that to lose 50 pound is her target for the year. She is convinced that losing weight is impossible without doing a variety of workouts. She is happy that this shoe helps her to give her best in running, spinning class, zumba class and all other workouts she does. She highly recommends this shoe.

Another customer who goes for Zumba class says that her friend did not believe in buying the right shoes for Zumba class and running. She encouraged her to try her shoes and her friend was surprised that her knee didn’t hurt in her Zumba class and shins didn’t ache after running. She is happy that she was able to convince her friend to buy the right shoes. You can buy the best Women’s Cross Training Shoe with Stability.

Many more customers have given positive reviews and have rated the product with 5 stars.

One of the customers says that the forefoot was too tight for her and she regrets her decision to buy the shoe. Another complains that the heel broke away in a week.