Brooks Men's Ravenna 9 Running Shoe Review

If you are an avid runner you need a very comfortable, but reliable shoe to take you on long distance runs and provide you with the durability needed providing that your shoe will not have broken by the time you have complete your run. The Ravenna 9 proves that you do not need an ugly, oversized and expensive shoe in order to provide you with good stability.  This running shoe provides you with an excellent balance of cushioning and pronation control and provides you with the flexibility while giving you the swagger with sleek design and fast colors. Here you will find all the information in choosing if this running shoe will be the perfect fit for you.81SAFqulzXL._UX575_


Brooks Men’s Ravenna 9 Review:


  • Traditional looking shoe, but stylish too

With first impressions the shoe looks very traditional and comes in 3 different color shades to choose from made out of synthetic material and once on the feet, they give you a secure feel even when the shoe is laced loosely. The shoe is made out of synthetic mesh upper providing your feet with breathability while keeping them cool and dry while running.

  • Improved technology

The 9th edition of the Ravenna provides your feet with excellent balance of cushioning. The forefoot is more flexible and up to date. The newly engineered saddle envelopes the foot and with an adjustable band for improved mid foot capture and made out of Brooks BioMoGo foam with dual density insert!  The anatomical Brooks DNA offers you with customized support and provides your feet with better arch support. The band that wraps the mid foot has added elasticity, letting you adjust the tightness. The heel is split into two parts: one that extends under the lateral side of the heel and one that includes the back and the medial side of the heel to provide your feet with cushioning needed for extra comfort while running.

  • Safe and healthy

The flat foot bed accommodates many customer’s flat feet. The traditional heel locks your heel in the shoe making it very safe while you are running preventing you from getting sprained ankles and helps keep your knees comfortable while running on impact.


    • Narrower toe box

For athletes who like a wiggle in their toe this toe box is a bit narrow, but not extremely tight.

What do customers think about this Brooks Men’s Running Shoe?

The customers are very pleased with this shoe as they are the best running shoes on the market available when it comes to comfort, stability and flexibility.  Others say that it is a superb shoe and excellent for long distance runners and an everyday workhorse! Some customers are not pleased with the colors and the narrow toe box, but the soft sole makes for great pleasant walks.  Many customers are happy with the durability providing them with long lasting Cross Training Shoes even after running with them for six months on end.

Our Rating:{rating}

The Brooks Men’s Running shoes does what it has set out to do providing the comfort and stability while running. This durable shoe has provided many customers with excellent results when used. Customers have provided positive feedback on this running shoe when running for miles and others, even wear them as casual shoes when going out. They are even great for your knees and provide the best traction while running. This running shoe is highly recommended by many customers who have purchased them making these shoes a great option for running and even afford on your budget.