ECCO Women's XT 1010 Cross Trainer Review

Do you love to sweat out in your training sessions? Do your training sessions end in pain and blisters in our feet? If so, you are in need of a good cross trainer shoe immediately. A rightly chosen shoe can make wonders to all types of physical training. You can work out with more confidence and style with the best cross trainer.  Know about ECCO Women’s XT 1010 Cross Trainer before deciding if it is the best or not.

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  • Quality

the other name in ECCO – ECCO Company was started more than 50 years before. The Company, which was originally started in Denmark, now has factories in several countries. The Company is very strict about the quality of the product. They don’t trust the quality of leather bought outside. That is the reason why they produce all leather used in making shoes in their factory. They make sure that they don’t pollute the environment during production.

  • Protected toes

You will never feel comfortable in a shoe unless your toes are comfortable. You will feel uneasy if there is less room for toes. If it is very broad you will not get the best fit. ECCO Women’s XT 1010 Cross Trainer has double layer toe protection. Your toes will feel comfortable because of this technology.

  • Outsole with maximum traction

You would be aware that a shoe is the best if its insole provides the best cushioning and support. What about its outsole? A good shoe should have an outsole that offers maximum traction. Without the necessary traction the risk of falls and twist of ankles are high. This shoe has flexing rubber traction outsole for traction.

  • Receptor technology

After two years of intensive study and research, ECCO has come up with this technology. Their study showed that with every step you take your foot completes three phases of motion. Receptor Technology makes sure that your foot is comfortable in all the three phases of motion.


The main issue with this shoe is a stinky chemical smell but this will go away in a few days.

Customer reviews

One of the customers says that she was complaining about a number of aches and pains. Her sister gifted her shoe. She says that her feet, ankles and back are grateful to these shoes. She is happy with the unparalleled support this shoe gives her. Another customer says that she will reorder these shoes because she feels ECCO Women’s XT 1010 Cross Trainer is the best shoes ever. She is also pleased with the colors and looks.

Yet another customer says that the price is right and she loved the comfortable feel. The shoes helped her back and feet. Another customer says that her mother wore these shoes and she thought they were old for her. To her pleasant surprise she loved them and she has been wearing it for years. You may like Women’s Cross Training Shoes with Cushioning.

There are a few negative reviews too. One of them complains about the small size. Another one says that the smell of the shoes and the painful fit was because of the cheap price.

Our Rating:{rating}

The shoe is affordable. You can get more value than the price paid. The product is made of quality material. It looks great in spite of the cheap price. Your feet, ankles and back will look comfortable. You will feel comfortable right from the start. The lightweight is a very big plus. It can be rated with 4.4 stars. This shoe is recommended for those who are searching for good shoes at an affordable price.