New Balance Men's MX877 Cardio Cross-Training Shoe Review

Cross training shoes are also called ‘the all-purpose’ sports shoe. It is a wonderful choice for men who indulge themselves in different sports activities. The idea of buying a single pair of shoes for many sports activities has become popular among many people. Are you planning to but cross-training shoe? Are you overwhelmed with the multiple choices available? Don’t worry. You can never go wrong if you buy a product from New Balance. One of the several choices offered by them is New Balance Men’s MX877 Cardio Cross-Training Shoe.

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New Balance Men’s MX877 Cardio review


  • 7 mm heel drop

Today heel drop or heel-toe drop or Delta H of a shoe is a much discussed about detail these days. What is heel drop? This refers to the difference in the height off the ground of the heel and that of the forefoot. In the past the height of the heel from the ground used to be much higher. It is a fat that the heel drop was as high as 15 mm to 18 mm in the 1980’s. Later the manufacturers realized that decreasing the heel-toe drop can reduce the risk of injuries and the impact of running on the foot. Today some shoes claim to be zero-drop. Zero-drop shoes will be flat shoes which can be uncomfortable to wear. 7mm heel drop in New Balance Men’s MX877 Cardio Cross-Training Shoe is neither too high nor too low. It is the optimum level of heel drop.

  • No-sew welded upper application

No-sew construction of shoes reduces the seams of the shoe and minimizes the weight of the shoe. The welded upper application prevents chafing apart from reducing the weight.

  • Ideal for kicking

The toe covering is more substantial without losing the flexibility. This is helpful in delivering round kicks against heavy punching and in kicking bags. The pivot area on the sole is also helpful for kicking.

  • The ideal choice for cardio workouts

As the name suggests, it is a specialized product for cardio workouts. You will feel much more agile on feet while working out.

  • Generous mesh for breathability

This helps in keeping your feet dry and away from infections.


There seems to be no cons in the technical side and in the size. The only problem is that it may not be suitable for running or jogging. The name itself says it is a cardio cross-training shoe. It is not fair to expect it to be a running shoe.

New Balance Men’s MX877 Cardio Customer reviews

The customers love the new attractive and updated style. One of the customers says that this model 877 is an update of 813. He loved 813 and he was sure this model would not be as good as that. He was pleasantly surprised to see that 877 were much better than 813 in several ways. Another customer says that he is happy with the excellent bounce and support. He says that he doesn’t have the feel of wearing shoes at all. Most of the customers are pleased with the comfort, the price and the light weight. Most of them have rated generously with 5 stars.
However, one of the customers says that the design is flawed and it does not provide enough support.

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If you are looking for shoes to be worn while doing your cardio workouts this is certainly one of the best options. It is not built for outdoor walking or running. If you want a running shoe, this shoe may not suit your needs. New Balance products never fail your expectations and this product is no exception to it.