PUMA Men's PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe Review

If you are looking for style and flair, you definitely know which brand to go for. For along time, Puma has been known for producing stylish shoes that are great to look at. The PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Cross-Training Shoe does not disappoint. The shoe delivers both style and performance at the same time courtesy of the mesh and the synthetic upper which is secured using a lace up front. With these cross-trainers, you can hit both the street and the gym in style and comfort something that has been missing in training shoes.  Here is review of the same.

PUMA Men's PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe


PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Our review:


  • Mesh and synthetic upper

Before a training shoe can be term as effective, it must meet its expectations in terms of performance. The PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe enhances this by securing the shoes with a mesh and synthetic upper. Mesh upper allows for breathability which is very crucial in a training shoe. It ensures that our feet remain cool and dry all the time to reduce incidences of foot odour. Improved aeration improves personal hygiene making one feel comfortable when training. The synthetic upper is also a catalyst to comfort. The material makes the shoe super lightweight to reduce that chances of suffering from jaded legs. The shoes go easy on your feet to enhance your performance at the gym. The upper is secured with a lace up front.

  • High-walled rubber soles

A look at the manner we exercise and then you can understand why it is so important for training shoe to have grip and traction. Without these two, no workout session would end up successfully. Chances are that due to the nature of the floor surface and the absence of traction, slipping during our training session would be the order of the day. The high walled rubber soles are designed to provide the shoe with the much needed grip and traction to carry you through a session. It means that with the PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe, you can train indoor or outdoor without fearing the worst.

  • Style and flare

This is something that has long been associated with puma. They are known to manufacture shoe that are great to look at. The PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe lives up to its expectations. Regardless of whether you’ll go for gray violet, black or lime punch these shoes will not disappoint you. You’ll even be tempted to take them to the street.

  • Authenticity

Besides all the amazing features found in the PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe, this cross-trainer is also 100 per cent authentic.


  • Sizing issues

Just like most training shoes these cross-trainers also tend to have an issue with the sizing. For you to get a right fit, you need try them out when shopping. If you are the ordering type, you might need to order a half a size smaller.

What customers said

The shoes surpassed most of the customers’ expectations. They expected them to be attractive but performance wise, they caught them by storm. The PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe offers great arch support, lightweight, comfortable, stable and durable. The shoes encompass the best of both worlds. The fact that the shoes come in a bargained price makes them attractive and ideal to all. Review the best Cross Training Shoes for Men.

Our Rating:{rating}

Whoever told you that style was not essential in training shoes probably did not have any clue of the existence of the PUMA Men’s PUMAgility Speed Cross-Training Shoe. The cross-trainers not only look fabulous, they also deliver performance in equal measure. They’ll never disappoint you because they have all features that make up for a decent cross-training shoes.